Jack Colwell and Brendan Maclean announce joint ‘Together And Apart’ Sydney show

Marking the duo's first show together in almost a decade

Sydney musicians Jack Colwell and Brendan Maclean are teaming up to play a special show, titled ‘Together And Apart’.

Taking place at Darlinghurst Theatre Company on Friday March 16, the show will see both Colwell and Maclean play a selection of songs from both of their discographies.

It also marks the first show the two have played together in almost a decade, after experiencing a fallout, according to the venue’s website.


“Back in the mid-’00s, two young singer-songwriters met at a photoshoot for the ‘next wave’ of queer music,” the statement on the venue’s website reads.

“Pitched as rivals, the two worked together briefly and then – after a heated disagreement – went their separate ways, thought never to be seen in the same room ever again.”

On Twitter, Maclean described Colwell as “one of the bravest, brightest musicians in the Australian queer canon.

“This is our first show together in almost ten years, and a bit of a healing of hearts too.”

Tickets for ‘Brendan Maclean + Jack Colwell: Together and Apart’ are on sale now.


2020 saw the release of Colwell’s debut album ‘SWANDREAM’, which ranked among NME’s top 25 Australian albums of the year.

“I think lots of queer people can identify with that swan story,” he said of the album to NME.

“[T]hey hope that they would grow into this beautiful swan once they have gone through this checklist of things that they need to change about themselves or become.”

Maclean dropped three singles throughout the past year, including ‘Easy Love‘, ‘Gemini‘ and ‘Sensational‘.