Jack Colwell announces new live EP of songs from ‘SWANDREAM’

Watch his performance of 'In My Dreams' exclusively on NME Australia

Jack Colwell has announced a new EP featuring live recordings of tracks from his debut album ‘SWANDREAM’.

The EP, titled ‘Live at Golden Retriever Studios’, was recorded at the titular Sydney location in May days after the album’s release. A separate performance at the same studio was live-streamed on Colwell’s social media channels.

The EP collects semi-acoustic versions of some of Colwell’s favourite tracks on ‘SWANDREAM’. Its release next Friday July 24 will be accompanied by four videos, directed by Ben Lindberg.


Colwell is premiering the first video exclusively with NME Australia. Watch his powerful rendition of ‘In My Dreams’, with bandmates Oliver John Cameron and Glen Justin Wolter, below:

In a statement, Colwell said, “Live performance has always meant so much to me. The connection I feel to people at shows is a really important aspect of why I make music, and write the sort of confessional songs I have become known for.

“These shows are healing for me, and I have been devastated not to be able to tour my debut album, ‘SWANDREAM’, a work I have poured so much of myself into. I had plans to tour through the UK/Europe as well as Australia and it’s been challenging at times to let that go.

“While my fingers are crossed that I can tour the album in the future, I hope that this live EP and its accompanying music videos (directed by Ben Lindberg) will provide a further glimpse into the world of ‘SWANDREAM’. These semi-acoustic versions of the songs have been specially recorded, and made with so much love. They’re some of my favourites off the album.”

See the artwork for the EP, which Colwell illustrated himself:



‘SWANDREAM’ was released on Friday May 29, with singles ‘In My Dreams’, ‘Weak’, ‘I Will Not Change My Ways’ and ‘A Spell’, the last of which features Colwell’s longtime inspiration and collaborator Sarah Blasko, who also produced the album.

“When I started experiencing really traumatic events in my life as a teenager, I began songwriting as a way to process that and to work through it,” Colwell told NME Australia of the album’s cathartic quality.

“And that has always been the case. I mean, that’s why I’ve always written songs: as a way to unpack emotional events for myself. Songwriting has always been a way for me to re-find myself and to make sense of my trauma.”

Last month, NME Australia named ‘SWANDREAM’ one of the country’s best albums of 2020 thus far.

“However accidental, it’s also the perfect album for 2020 thanks to its combination of warmth, fear, intimacy and often confronting lyrics by someone who has clearly known a lot of personal isolation before anyone had even heard of lockdowns,” wrote NME Australia‘s Andrew P. Street. “Songs like ‘PTSD’ and ‘No Mercy’ are not comfortable listening by any stretch, but ‘SWANDREAM’ is one of the most compelling releases of the year.”

Additional reporting by Karen Gwee