Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks announce EP, return with ‘Loving You’s Like A Mouldy Cup of Tea’

The group's new EP is out later this month

Perth folk outfit Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks released their latest single, ‘Loving You’s Like A Mouldy Cup of Tea’ today (October 14).

To coincide with the release of the track, their third of the year, the group have announced that they will drop a new EP this month. The record, entitled ‘Songs For A Long Walk’, hits shelves on October 23.

Listen to ‘Loving You’s Like A Mouldy Cup of Tea’ below:


Per a press release, frontman Jack Davies said that the group’s latest single “really grounds the rest of the EP.”

“It feels true to how the songs have been written, sitting out the front of my house, singing it for the first time with [band members] George [Gare] and Elise [Hiatt] jamming along.

“It’s just a very homely song. A different perspective on the rest of the EP.”

‘Songs For A Long Walk’ will be the second EP of Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks’ career, following on from 2019’s ‘Cleaning The Dishes’.

To celebrate its release, the group will play a hometown show at Freo Social on October 23. They will be joined by local bands New Nausea, Nika Mo and Clove. Tickets are on sale now.


‘Half Frozen Beer’, the group’s first single of the year, earned them acclaim at the Western Australian Music Awards in July. The song won the Country Music Prize, and took out second place in the Grand Prize category.