Jack Ladder shares two new songs from forthcoming album ‘Hijack!’

'Xmas in Rehab' and 'Leaving Eden' centre around a stay and departure from a rehabilitation facility

Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders have released two new singles, ‘Leaving Eden’ and ‘Xmas in Rehab’. Both taken from forthcoming album ‘Hijack!’, they focus around the singer’s time in, and eventual departure from, a rehabilitation facility.

‘Leaving Eden’ stretches out to six minutes, and is the more unsettling listen of the two – a brooding slow-burner underpinned by eerie strings and an ominous bass line.

‘Xmas in Rehab’ is a little brighter sonically and, while characteristically sardonic, Ladder’s portrait of a rehabilitation ward has also got a quiet hopefulness just below the surface. “Nothing but decaf, can’t stay awake / Hope I’m still sober come New Year’s Day,” he croons.


Listen to both songs below – ‘Leaving Eden’ arrives alongside a stunning painted animation by artist Anna-Wili Highfield.

“I felt like everything was closing in and I wanted to die, so I went to a rehabilitation facility,” Ladder said of ‘Leaving Eden’ in a statement. “I couldn’t reconcile the conflicting parts of myself that wanted to remain a recluse and the part that wanted to live in the world again, so I left.”

Of ‘Xmas in Rehab’, Ladder added: “There is nothing more heartwarming than 50 recovering addicts gathered around the TV watching Nancy Meyers rom-coms. I wanted the music to reflect that.

“I kept the chords open and simple. There’s a meditative folk song drone about it. Like a Tom Petty tune on a mild sedative.”


Ladder announced ‘Hijack!’ – set to arrive September 10 via Endless – last month, alongside lead single ‘Astronaut’. His sixth album, Ladder co-produced the record alongside longtime collaborator and bandmate Laurence Pike, also of PVT and Liars.

Fellow Dreamlanders Donny Benét and Kirin J Callinan also feature once again, along with composer Sam Lipman, who is responsible for the album’s string arrangements.

The new album follows the reissue of Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders’ album ‘Hurtsville’, which dropped as a limited edition vinyl in April to coincide with its 10-year anniversary, celebrated with live shows in Sydney and Melbourne the following month.