Jack River shares first episode of ‘To Rebel In The Times’ podcast series

The series discusses what it takes for people to "make change where they see it needed most"

Singer-songwriter Jack River – real name Holly Rankin – has launched the first episode of her new podcast series, To Rebel In The Times, which includes an interview with Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson.

Listen to the episode below:


“In these wild times that we’re living through, I want to know what it takes for people to step in uncharted territory and make change where they see it needed most,” the songwriter explained in the trailer.

Recorded over the past six months, To Rebel In The Times sees the musician meet numerous artists who are also scientists, mothers, activists and business people, engaging in conversations about what it means to stand up for good in the current social climate.

“For so long I’ve wanted to have bigger conversations with artists – conversations about impact, about change, about politics and rebellion, about their communities and how they grew up,” explained Rankin in an Instagram post announcing the project.

In addition to Cub Sport, the podcast series will also feature interviews with Alex The Astronaut, Kita Alexander, Cub Sport, Briggs and Portugal. The Man, among others.

Rankin released her debut album under her Jack River moniker, ‘Sugar Mountain’, in 2018. She followed it up in February of this year with an EP titled ‘Stranger Heart’.


In March, she appeared as part of the lineup for the digital Earth Hour concert, performing by candlelight from self-isolation along with Montaigne, Polish Club, Alice Skye and more.