Watch Jack White talk you through his custom Telecaster guitar

White used the instrument during the recording of last year's Raconteurs album

Jack White has shared a new video where he proudly shows off his custom Fender Telecaster guitar.

The clip was unexpectedly released by The Raconteurs’ YouTube account yesterday (November 16), with the White Stripes musician guiding the viewer through the details of his beloved instrument.

In the clip, White speaks in detail about his custom Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Telecaster, which he’s used in his work with The Raconteurs.


The guitar was originally gifted to White as a B Bender Nashville Telecaster, but he then began customising the instrument and commissioned Chip Ellis at the Fender custom shop to help transform the guitar further. It is still “a work in progress”, the video notes.

The humorous clip, which features members of The Raconteurs, also sees White talking through various customised aspects of the guitar, including a switch for drop-D tuning (as well as G- and E-benders) and his decision to paint the instrument orange.

The video concludes by noting that White used the customised Telecaster on the Raconteurs song ‘Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)’, which featured on the band’s 2019 album ‘Help Us Stranger’.

In other Jack White news, the release date of The White Stripes’ forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ album is fast-approaching — and the band shared a new animated video for their song ‘Apple Blossom’ last week to promote the upcoming compilation.