Jackson Wang on why he pushes himself: “I know I’m so far from the best”

“I’m still working my ass off to become the best”

Jackson Wang has opened up about why his hectic work schedule and what motivates him to keep working hard.

On July 29, the Hong Kong-born GOT7 member sat down with radio show host Big Reid for an interview, where he revealed why he is always motivated to constantly keep busy. Elsewhere, Wang also discussed his new English-language single, ‘Drive You Home’.

During the interview, Wang shared that he was in Chongqing, China to attend an event for Pepsi, and was set to leave the city the following morning. “Every time I speak to you, you’re super busy,” Big Reid pointed out, calling Wang a “busy man”.


“You know why [I’m a busy man]? Because I’m not the best, I’m still working my ass off to become the best, to become someone there,” Wang explained. “I know I’m so far from the best, or even like so far from anything. You know, I’m trying my best. I’m pushing myself.”

“If I don’t die, then I know I can do it,” he stated, while clapping his hands. “This is my mindset.” Big Reid then joked that Wang could consider becoming a motivational speaker, to which the singer responded that he might “when I retire and no one wanted to listen to my music anymore”.

Elsewhere in the interview, he also discussed his new collaboration with Internet Money, ‘Drive You Home’, which dropped on July 29. Wang revealed that while writing the song with his team, they had decided to take a more romantic approach to the track, hence the shoutout to San Francisco’s Geary Boulevard in its opening line.

On the same day, fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung surprised fans a brand-new solo song called ‘Dive’, which he wrote and composed. “It’s a song about a sort of ‘belief’ that if you continuously accept something, whether it’s people, love, skills, growth, or anything else, there will come a time when you will find it filled endlessly like the sea,” said Jinyoung about ‘Dive’ in a statement to The Herald Pop, as translated by Soompi

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