Jaguar Jonze and Shungudzo team up for powerful redux of ‘Who Died And Made You King?’

Jonze said it was “an organic and authentic collaboration” that “felt like it was fate”

Jaguar Jonze has shared a driving new version of her latest single, ‘Who Died And Made You King?’, linking up with Zimbabwean-American activist, artist, producer and poet Shungudzo to add fiery new vocals and an updated mix.

“Shungudzo and I have been on each other’s radars for some time and people have told us both forever that we need to meet and work together,” the NME cover star said today (November 23) in a press release.

“Even without meeting we realised that we’ve had similar experiences and shared values in terms of how we balance our artistry and our advocacy. I think that made for an organic and authentic collaboration, it felt like it was fate.”


Listen to the new version of ‘Who Died And Made You King?’ below:

‘Who Died And Made You King?’ initially hit streaming platforms last month. Landing as the first track to follow her latest EP ‘Antihero’ – which came out back in April – the incendiary new single takes aim at the culture of misogyny and toxic masculinity in Australia’s music industry.

“In order to fight for a safer environment within the music industry meant that I had to sacrifice my artistry to advocate,” she explained upon the standalone single’s original release. “With this single, I wanted to take back my power, take back my voice and take back my artistry.”

Touching on her inclusion on the remix, Shungudzo said today: “While we firmly address the men who grossly misuse and abuse their power, let’s not forget to softly address the boys who will become men someday. We can’t create a safe and equitable world for all present and future non-men if we don’t address all boys.

“So what I wanna say, more than anything, is boys – cry your pain, show your love, feel your feelings, find solace in and give solace to each other. To chase power, as society teaches most boys and men to do, is to always feel inadequate. It’s to get caught in a cycle of power and inadequacy that doesn’t end well for anyone, including you.


“So instead of power, chase love – first and foremost by loving yourself. Love will gain you more, lasting, respect than fear ever will.”

In the months following the release of ‘Antihero’, Jonze appeared on The Project to share her survival story of sexual assault, attended a #MeToo meeting with other industry bodies and formed part of a working group to tackle sexual assault in the industry, which she said left her with little time for music.

Also last month, it was announced that Jonze would be performing in the 2022 edition of Eurovision – Australia Decides, a competition to determine who will represent the country at next year’s primary Eurovision Song Contest. She had also competed in last year’s competition, injuring herself in the process.

December will see Jonze play live at this year’s Party In The Paddock spin-off, Party In The Apocalypse, with her inclusion on the bill announced yesterday. She’ll follow it up with an appearance at the 2022 Sydney Festival, bumping shoulders with Amyl And The Sniffers, The Beths, Good Morning, Gordi and more.