Jaguar Jonze announces her debut album, ‘BUNNY MODE’

Releasing new single 'TRIGGER HAPPY' to coincide with the announcement

Jaguar Jonze has announced her debut album ‘BUNNY MODE’ will arrive in June, dropping new single ‘TRIGGER HAPPY’ to coincide with the news.

The new single sees Jonze – aka Deena Lynch – explore love bombing, a pattern of behaviour that involves a person being inundated with attention and affection in order for them to be more easily manipulated.

The official music video for ‘TRIGGER HAPPY’ was directed, edited and produced by Lynch herself. It features several Easter eggs from Lynch’s previous videos for ‘CUT’, Eurovision entry ‘LITTLE FIRES’ and ‘WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?’


Watch the ‘TRIGGER HAPPY’ video below:

“The video is hectic and fun,” Lynch said in a press release. “In any break I would yell out ‘quick shoot me doing weird poses!’ or ‘look there’s a dog on set – FILM THIS!’ The day was really high energy which we captured in the video. And not a bad performance considering my shoes had cut off the circulation to my feet.”

Lynch will release ‘BUNNY MODE’ on June 3 via Nettwerk Records. The songwriter has said the album sees her utilise her industrial punk style to move past an old coping mechanism she refers to as “going bunny mode”.

“Making this album has been this process of saying – thank you for saving me and allowing me to survive up until this point, but I don’t need you anymore,” she said.

“Most things I did in my life, I did for survival. But, making music was the complete opposite: it was a gift and permission to myself to create, live passionately, and say what I was feeling. It was passion, intimacy, rawness, and connection; it completely changed my life. It made me feel human.”


In February, Lynch announced a national headline tour, which is to take place across June, July and August. Additionally, Lynch will join British indie trio The Wombats on their forthcoming Australian tour, with The Vanns also joining as an opening act.

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