Jaguar Jonze calls for victims of Melbourne music photographer to come forward for police investigation

The artist has created a Google form for victims and witnesses to speak out

Content Warning: The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

Jaguar Jonze has urged those who have experienced sexual harassment or abuse from a man widely believed to be Melbourne music photographer Jack Stafford to come forward to assist with an official police investigation.

Last month, Jonze said that she had heard multiple accounts of sexual misconduct from a “particular male photographer”. As more victims came forward, Stafford identified himself as the unnamed photographer, admitting that his “personality was not okay” and that he is “an abuser”.

In a statement on the #MeToo page of her website, Jonze – real name Deena Lynch – claimed that over 130 alleged victims have approached her with stories involving the man in question. Lynch has also created a Google form for victims and witnesses to share their accounts with the police. The form had been established and approved over police consultations.

In a series of hand-written sticky notes posted to social media yesterday (August 3), Lynch said initial police reports have been filed against the “Melbourne photographer”, and encouraged both victims and witnesses to come forward to assist with the investigation.

“The first few police reports have now been made regarding the Melbourne photographer. A few weeks ago, I shared posts highlighting the nature of this man and the stories of just some of the 129 women that have shared their pain with me,” Lynch wrote.

“PLEASE come forward and tell your story again – whether you are a VICTIM or WITNESS. Every piece of evidence, detail, screenshot, conversation and story matters. I’ve been liaising with the police to figure out the best solution to capture everything into one place for them to understand the gravity of the situation and to continue investigations.”

Lynch then directed victims and witnesses to read her earlier posts labelled “Step 1”, which included detailed instructions on how to present their evidence to the police.

“The police have said that even if only 10 per cent of the victims and witnesses come forward, it WILL make a difference,” she continued.

“I know the process is difficult but we must begin to draw the line. PLEASE share this post so that it reaches every person that has been affected or is a witness. PLEASE alongside support if you need it, come forward and share your story with me again. PLEASE help the other victims who need your voice and support.”

“We want to bring about real change to the injustices that many have experienced at the hands of this one perpetrator. With our voices together we can ensure that we are no longer dismissed.”

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*TRIGGER WARNING + PLEASE SHARE AND READ IN A SAFE PLACE* I know it has been quiet, but it hasn’t been still. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that change is taking place in our industry. I also realised that the movement resurfaced a lot of my own trauma, and I’ve had to take space to ensure that was happening in a healing way. To hear that other girls suffered at the hands of the same perpetrators was saddening, but also validating. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t making things up. I wasn’t in the wrong. I was also feeling frustrated because I couldn’t protect. I legally couldn’t speak out for the womxn. All we can do is report it to the police, but more often than not, it is pushed aside and dismissed. Our biggest strength is if it happens in numbers. Alongside some other strong victims @tiarthorne & @mollyapirana we’ve put together an information sheet to help understand your rights better, legal terms and how best to describe and understand incidents that may have occurred to you, and how they apply to our Australian legal system. We hope this information provided helps make this process a little less overwhelming for you. In the coming days, I will be posting our next step. Please share and read this information, with support by your side if needed, so you are prepared on how we can seek justice together & also to understand our rights and boundaries for the future. #metoo

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