Jaguar Jonze charts a lifelong battle with anxiety on ‘Astronaut’

The latest single from the forthcoming 'Antihero' EP

Jaguar Jonze has shared ‘Astronaut’, the third single from her forthcoming EP ‘Antihero’.

The track builds off a simple two-note guitar rhythm into an almost operatic crescendo. The lyrics chart Jonze’s – real name Deena Lynch – lifelong battle with anxiety: “Because all there is/Is all blanket of black/With tiny glimpses of present hopes and dreams/It’s a constellation,” she sings in the chorus.

Listen to the track below.


A high concept music video for the track will be released widely later this week, though it premiered exclusively via Cool Accidents today. The clip is the third in a five-part visual series for the ‘Antihero’ EP, the name of each track corresponding to the label Lynch has given to each of the aspects of her personality.

Lynch told Cool Accidents that the latest video required stunt training, as she was suspended in a wire harness.

“As ASTRONAUT delves into my anxiety, I wanted the film to reflect that in a simple way that helped portray how my anxiety can sometimes manifest – a contradiction between feeling lost in vast spaces and trapped in claustrophobic spaces,” she said.

“I had a specific idea in mind, which meant that I had to undergo stunt training with professionals and learn how to maneuver in a wire harness.”


‘Astronaut’ follows the release of singles ‘Murder’ and ‘Deadalive’.

‘Antihero’ is the second EP from Lynch in a year, after releasing ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’ in April last year from hospital amid continuing coronavirus concerns after contracting the virus in March. Lynch reportedly recorded ‘Antihero’ during her 40-day hospital stay.