Jaguar Jonze injured herself in ‘Eurovision: Australia Decides’ performance

"Adrenaline took over, and I pushed through"

Brisbane singer Jaguar Jonze dislocated her left shoulder during her performance for Eurovision: Australia Decides on Saturday (February 8).

Posting to Instagram yesterday (February 9), the musician born Deena Lynch shared a still from the moment during the first verse of her song ‘Rabbit Hole’ in which she injured herself.

Jonze also appealed to her followers to assist in temporary relief so that she could play a show that evening.


“I’ve just landed in Sydney and it’s a Sunday,” she wrote, “so I’m just seeing if anybody ANYBODY can casually strap my shoulder so I can play my gig tonight without it coming loose?”

“Also should probably start putting knee pads into my outfit style,” she added.

Watch Jaguar Jonze’s Eurovision: Australia Decides performance of ‘Rabbit Hole’ below:

In a later statement to The Music, Jonze went into more detail about the onstage injury.

“You can actually see that I was wanting to come up, but I had to stay in that position a little while longer”, she said. “[I] put my arm back out, and it luckily clicked back into place. Adrenaline took over, and I pushed through.”


Jonze was one of several finalists competing to represent Australia at the 2020 edition of Eurovision. Sydney singer Montaigne, ultimately emerged triumphant with her single ‘Don’t Break Me’, beating out Jonze, Didirri, Mitch Tambo, Casey Donovan and Vanessa Amorosi.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in May in the Netherlands.

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