Jaguar Jonze returns with new song, ‘Deadalive’

The singer's first original track since her EP

Jaguar Jonze has released a new track, ‘Deadalive’, the first original track since the release of her debut EP.

‘Deadalive’ was released with an accompanying music video, directed by the Brisbane artist herself and Ribal Hosn. Watch it below:


According to Jonze in a statement, ‘Deadalive’ was written while the singer was in New York during their first US tour at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We figured we’d take the time to write so I guess I was kind of reflecting on the situation the world was facing,” she said.

“It was like we were neither dead or alive, we were very much alive and breathing, but having to stay within four walls, not go out, have what we were used to taken from us and having restrictions in place of them.”

Jonze released her debut EP ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’ in April after being admitted to hospital for continuing complications caused by COVID-19. It was in the hospital that she finished writing the new track.

“The drama in the lyrics intensified as I battled with isolation anxiety of being away from home and stuck in a room with no window for seven weeks, career anxiety with the industry being shut down and my income reduced dramatically, fear of wondering if I was ever going to get my voice and breath back and when I was ever going to recover,” she said.

In the months since releasing her EP, Jaguar Jonze – real name Deena Lynch – has been assisting people who have come forward as alleged victims of abuse by a Melbourne photographer.


“PLEASE come forward and tell your story again – whether you are a VICTIM or WITNESS. Every piece of evidence, detail, screenshot, conversation and story matters,” Lynch said in August.

“We want to bring about real change to the injustices that many have experienced at the hands of this one perpetrator. With our voices together we can ensure that we are no longer dismissed.”

In August, Jonze released a cover of Britney Spears’ hit’ ‘Toxic’. In May, she announced as a recipient of the newly rebranded Levi’s Music Prize.