Jaguar Jonze shares cinematic concept video for new single ‘MURDER’

Arriving ahead of the songwriter's debut album early next year

Jaguar Jonze – the stage name of singer-songwriter Deena Lynch – has shared a cinematic concept music video for her new single, ‘MURDER’.

The final single before the release of her full length album in early 2021, ‘MURDER’ is the second cut of a five-part visual series that delves into the multifaceted persona of Jonze.

Watch the video for ‘MURDER’ below:


In a press release, Jonze described the themes of her new single, saying that it “is about when a relationship gets pushed beyond a boundary that should’ve never been crossed and why we ever thought that was a good idea.”

“Wishing that we could go backwards to where it was before that line was crossed but knowing we’re both guilty of having made that decision to, put grimly, ‘kill’ that relationship.”

‘MURDER’ is the follow-up to Jonze’s latest single ‘Deadalive’, her first new material, upon its release, since the release of her debut EP ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’.

Jonze released the EP in April from her hospital bed after she was admitted amid continuing coronavirus concerns after contracting the virus in March.


Recently, the songwriter was commissioned by Christian Louboutin to create a concept film, draw two visual artworks and produce photos featuring herself, in collaboration with the fashion giant’s Fall/Winter 2020 Cube collection.