Jagwar Ma’s Jono Ma delivers two remixes of Shura’s song ‘Side Effects’

From her 2019 album, ‘Forevher’

English synth pop musician Shura has released two remixes of her song ‘Side Effects’, both by Jagwar Ma member Jono Ma. Hear both of them below.

The first, six-minute-long rework is dubbed the ‘Jono Ma Cosmo Mix’, while the second ‘Wonky Mix’ is closer to five minutes in length. Stream both tracks here:


Shura released ‘Side Effects’ last year, as part of her sophomore album ‘Forevher’. Ma also worked on the album’s closing track, ‘Skyline, Be Mine’. Hear the original version of ‘Side Effects’ below:

Shura first met Ma – and Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa – in person in the rainforest just outside Byron Bay during her first trip to Australia, she told Pilerats. “It was summer in Australia but it was a rainy day and my hotel was on the beach so it didn’t seem to make much sense to stay there and look out at the sea in the rain. Stella invited me to come on a hike with Jono which sounded like exactly the kind of thing to do on a stormy summer’s day.”

“I’ve been a huge fan of Jono’s work ever since I heard the first Jagwar Ma record,” Shura also told Pilerats (in response to a question posed by Ma).

She added, “I think when you’re writing or producing having an awareness of dance music and implementing fragments of it is what makes playing songs you’ve recorded in a studio live incredible. When I made the first record I had hardly played live and so I wasn’t really thinking about it in the writing process and working with Jono really helped me make that shift mentally.”

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