JamarzOnMarz calls out racist school policies with new single ‘Tomorrow’

He's also dropped a music video, reflecting his real life experiences with discrimination in schools

Sydney rapper JamarzOnMarz has recently made headlines for his politics and now he’s put it in his music with the release of new single ‘Tomorrow’.

The song is a thumping brass-infused track, with JamarzOnMarz – real name James Emmanuel – rapping in both English and Swahili, while also playing the saxophone.

The music video for ‘Tomorrow’, directed and choreographed by Shaun Parker, depicts a diverse classroom – showcasing students of different races, genders and sexualities – as well as Emmanuel being dragged by his hair by a principal.


Watch the music video below:

The video reflects Emmanuel’s real life, as he was forced to shave his afro in high school as the school’s dress code didn’t allow for Afro-textured hair. This is something Emmanuel has been campaigning against recently, starting a petition that’s racked up almost 25,000 signatures.

“Growing up in an overwhelmingly white regional town, I didn’t have many peers who looked like me or who were openly queer,” Emmanuel said in a press statement.

“I rectified that through the casting, and lived my Grammar School fantasy; being out and proud, surrounded by diverse and accepting peers, and embracing individuality. Fingers crossed this video can influence at least one Australian Independent school to stop discriminating against Black students with Afro textured-hair and protective styles.”

“It is touching to see this music video celebrate cultural diversity, gender identification, and sexuality, as it showcases a true representation of modern-day Australia and our country’s future,” Shaun Parker said in a separate statement.


“It is so important to see queer relationships normalised and validated. ‘Tomorrow’ does so in such an innocent and natural way.”

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