James Bay releases new single ‘Chew On My Heart’ from upcoming album

"This next record is much more personal and vulnerable," Bay told NME this week

James Bay has returned with a new single – listen to ‘Chew On My Heart’ below.

The track follows Bay’s second album, 2018’s indie-pop left turn on ‘Electric Light’ and last year’s surprise EP, ‘Oh My Messy Mind’.

The new track is set to appear on a forthcoming album by the singer, who says: “It’s sort of unexpected. “Chew On My Heart stuck out as a lyric. It’s a metaphor for wanting and craving more than the norm. It’s not your typical relationship tune in terms of content or delivery. We can have more. Let’s not just go through the motions.


“The verses are a devotion. The chorus is a question. A relationship can’t be all give and take; there has to be compromise, conversation, and ideas to move life along.”

Bay spoke to NME this week about ‘Chew On My Heart’, the upcoming new album and more. “The next album is the most positive thing I’ve ever written,” Bay said. “There are still a few moments that have sadness and weigh a little heavily, but it’s mostly uplifting.

“I’m typically a very private person and this next record is much more personal and vulnerable. My long-term girlfriend and I were just kids when we met; we knew each other before any of this happened to our lives. The album is a bit of a tribute to our journey.”

Reviewing 2018’s ‘Electric Light’, NME wrote: “You’ve got to tip your hat to James Bay: he’s gone for a bold reinvention on album number two and has largely achieved it, even if he doesn’t seem to know quite what he wants to reinvent himself as.”