James Ellis and the Jealous Guys to perform at Cherry Bar’s debut livestream concert

Taking place Wednesday May 27

Iconic Melbourne venue Cherry Bar has announced it will host its first-ever livestream concert later this week.

Taking place Wednesday May 27 from 8:30pm AEST, the bar’s first concert will feature country group James Ellis and the Jealous Guys. The band were regularly performers at the venue as part of its country and western Wednesday residency prior to doors closing as public gatherings were restricted.

Unlike well-known live-streamed concerts that are free to watch, such as ISOL-AID and Delivered, Live, Cherry is using software that requires audience members to purchase a ticket first.


In the description of the livestream’s Facebook event, organisers said this concert is an attempt to bring some cashflow to the venue, performers and studio.

“With its wonderfully quirky venues, Melbourne sure is the live music capital of the world. Though as of right now, the future of our local scene is in peril, we aren’t open for business with coronavirus lockdown measures in place yet high overhead costs remain,” the description read.

“Upcoming gigs streamed live offer a chance to enjoy a great performance, all whilst helping Cherry tough it out through this unprecedented period of concern.”