Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay responds after trending on Twitter during yesterday’s US Capitol riot

"Some of you may be thinking you saw me in Washington last night, but I'm afraid I wasn't with all those freaks"

Jamiroquai‘s Jay Kay has responded after he began trending on Twitter yesterday (January 6) during the attack on the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, with Twitter users comparing one of the rioters to the Jamiroquai frontman.

President-elect Joe Biden condemned yesterday’s violent events as an “insurrection” after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, interrupting the certification of Biden’s win in the November presidential election.

As video footage and images began to emerge from the Capitol, a number of Twitter users began to compare one of the rioters, who was shirtless and wearing a pair of horns and fur, to Jay Kay’s colourful attire after the former was pictured entering one of the chambers of Congress.


You can see a selection of the memes and tweets about Jamiroquai below.


Jay Kay himself responded to the Twitter activity in a video posted this afternoon (January 7), which he captioned with the message: “Good Morning Washington, loving the headgear, but not sure that’s my crowd. Stay safe everyone, J xxx.”

“Good morning world,” Kay says in the clip. “Now some of you may be thinking you saw me in Washington last night, but I’m afraid I wasn’t with all those freaks [at the Capitol].”

You can watch his full video message below.

After police managed to regain control of the Capitol building last night, US lawmakers resumed the process of certifying Biden’s win. He was officially declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election in the early hours of this morning (January 7), and will now be inaugurated as US President on January 20.

Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been suspended following yesterday’s events, with Twitter saying that the President incurred “severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy” with three of his tweets.

The most recent Jamiroquai album, ‘Automaton’, was released back in 2017.

Back in March, Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay reworked David Bowie’s hit ‘Let’s Dance’ for a coronavirus-themed cover titled ‘Lockdown’.

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