Jarrow shares new music video for ‘Keep A Tab (On All My Friends)’

Featuring a quirky Zoom-style video conference

Jarrow, the solo project of Melbourne singer-songwriter and composer Daniel Oke, premiered the music video for ‘Keep A Tab (On All My Friends) today (April 15) on Beat Magazine.

The whimsical video simulates a Zoom conference, with past and present band members playing their instruments in separate windows. Oke also notes the vocal samples of booing (around the 2:53 minute mark) was recorded from “a group of haters at The Gasometer”.

Watch the clip below:


“When I write music for Jarrow, I often use the approach of penning lyrics as an outlet for whatever emotions I’m feeling at the time,” Oke said to Beat Magazine.

“This song is a couple of years old and was written during a crazy transitional period — moving house, joining new bands, trying to find an actual job and detaching myself from the music industry — all whilst trying to maintain my friendships at the exact same time. Juggling that work/life balance hasn’t ever been easy for me and it was inevitable that my pent-up feelings would manifest into a three-minute indie-pop banger.”

‘Keep A Tab (On All My Friends)’ is the third single from Jarrow’s upcoming self-titled album, following ‘Sauce Song’ and ‘Flowerbed’. The record will mark Oke’s third studio album to date.

According to Jarrow’s Bandcamp page, the album was recorded at various studios and bedrooms across Victoria. All songs were written and produced by Oke, “except for one epic sax solo from his dad David”.