Jarvis Cocker compares fame to pornography in new interview

"It takes an amazing thing and grosses it out”

Jarvis Cocker has said that there was a time when fame reminded him of pornography.

Speaking in a new interview, the Pulp frontman revisited the band’s rise to fame following the release of their hit single ‘Common People’ in 1995.

“It was a very strange time for me because I’d achieved my lifetime’s ambition and then found that it didn’t satisfy me,” he told The Sunday Times.


He continued, saying that fame “reminded me of pornography. Of how pornography takes an amazing thing – love between two people expressed physically – and kind of grosses it out.”

He added that he remembers thinking: “What am I gonna believe in now?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cocker revealed that he learnt about sex from “eavesdropping on my mum and her friends’ conversations after school.”

“I remember something that my mum or one of her friends said once, where they were talking about this guy, and they said, ‘Oh, he’s too nice’,” he explained. “She decided she was gonna stop seeing him because he was just too nice.”

“As a kid I was thinking, ‘Well, you’re always told to be nice.’ So, sex and sexual attraction, it’s not a cut-and-dried thing, is it? I mean, that thing of whether you get a spark between two people is really elusive, why one person will turn you on and another person won’t.”


Cocker‘s new project JARV IS… were due to release their debut album ‘Beyond The Pale’ on May 1 via Rough Trade, however, due to the coronavirus it will now arrive on July 17, ahead of their rescheduled UK tour dates taking place in November.

Last week, Cocker has revealed how he was “saved” by David Bowie following his notorious appearance during Michael Jackson‘s 1996 Brit Awards performance.

During the ceremony, Cocker appeared on stage uninvited during Jackson’s performance to protest how Jackson “sees himself as some kind of Christ-like figure with the power of healing.”

Cocker was subsequently arrested and held by the police on suspicion of assault, before being later released without charge.

Meanwhile, Jarvis Cocker has suggested that Pulp may never return again, having said that their previous reunion tour “brought that chapter to a satisfying end.”