Jasmine Rae shares new single ‘Don’t Do It For The Haters’

The song is inspired by an "emotional response" from a copyright lawsuit

Australian singer-songwriter Jasmine Rae has dropped a new single titled ‘Don’t Do It For The Haters’, along with an accompanying music video.

Watch the video below:


The single is lifted from her forthcoming album, ‘Lion Side’, due for release on July 24.

‘Don’t Do It For The Haters’ was written as an “emotional response” to criticism directed at her from a copyright lawsuit that took place in 2018.

Australian songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden, co-writers of Rae’s 2015 song ‘When I Found You’, sued US country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill over their 2017 track ‘The Rest of Our Life’. The two parties eventually settled in late 2018.

Rae herself was not involved in the proceedings, however she “copped an enormous amount of hate anyway, from all directions”.

“It was a really confronting and confusing time for me,” she said in a press statement.

“For a while, I didn’t want to co-write with anyone, didn’t want to put myself out there or be vulnerable and I was questioning everything. People around me actually thought that I would give up.


“But later that year I did a short tour with US country artist Granger Smith and that experience was a wonderful reminder for me about why I love doing what I do. I was reminded of how the love of music brings people together, the love I get from people who support my music and the love I get from performing my songs with my friends.”

Rae continued, explaining that the song gave her closure to the episode.

“I wanted to write something about that whole experience. I initially wrote some very angry songs but this one feels truer,” she said.

“This song is the one that sums up the real lessons learned by that experience and puts a full stop on it for me. It gives me closure. There are times when we face all sorts of roadblocks and setbacks. A lot of people are experiencing soul-destroying challenges right now. So I guess this song is a testament that sometimes it can take just one good moment to remind us why we do what we’re supposed to do.”

Rae’s last full-length album was 2015’s ‘Heartbeat’. Since then, she has been steadily releasing singles over the years, including ‘Fraudulent’, ‘Carrying The Flame’ and ‘Right Now’.