Jason Momoa stars as Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Scary Little Green Men’ teaser

"Everybody wants them, until we meet them"

Jason Momoa is the star of Ozzy Osbourne‘s music video for ‘Scary Little Green Men’, which was teased ahead of the rock legend’s new record ‘Ordinary Man’.

In the clip, the Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor walks down a long corridor towards a mic stand. He is hooded, which gives the initial impression that Ozzy will unveil himself, before Momoa flips back the hood and launches into song.


The teaser premiered yesterday (February 20) on the same day that Ozzy’s latest collaboration with Post Malone ‘It’s a Raid’ was shared. Both ‘Scary Little Green Men’ and ‘It’s a Raid’ feature on Osbourne’s new record – his twelfth solo studio album to date.

NME’s Kevin E.G. Perry spoke to the Prince of Darkness for this week’s Big Read. In the interview, Osbourne explained that he doesn’t mind if ‘Ordinary Man’ is “not a big hit”, adding that it’s “possibly one of the most important albums I’ve ever made because it saved my life.

“I was feeling sorry for myself, miserable and in fucking agony,” he said. “I’ve never been laid up for a year in my life and still been in so much pain at the end of it, but Andrew Watt and fucking Post Malone and my daughter Kelly got me going in the right direction.”