Jay Park apologises to fans over controversial lyrics: “The intent was never to disrespect or offend”

“I will be more mindful going forth,” the rapper wrote

Rapper Jay Park, who is also the head of the Korean hip-hop label AOMG, has apologised for his controversial “Allah” lyric in his ‘Mukkbang! (Remix)’ following backlash from fans.

Last Thursday (May 27), the musician took to Twitter to apologise to his Muslim fans after he compared himself to Allah in his lyrics. Released at the end of last year, ‘Mukkbang! (Remix)’, which is a rework of Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA’s 2020 joint single, contained the lyrics, “Worship me like Allah / Get it done like wallah,” in one of Park’s verses.

In his apology, Park admitted that he “didn’t see the problem” at first but “as I read the comments […] I see that I used a word some are willing to die behind in my lyrics, and it’s not my place to use something that means so much to the Muslim people in my rap lyrics freely”.

“I apologize to all my Muslim fans,” he continued. “The intent was never to disrespect or offend, and I will be more mindful going forth. I love and respect everybody from all different cultures, ethnicities and religions.”

The apology came after a user had posted the lyrics to Twitter on May 27, condemning it as “offensive” to the Muslim community. As the tweet went viral, other users have also criticised Park for being “disrespectful”.

However, according to Malay Mail, the rapper had originally posted a series of now-deleted tweets in which he claimed that his “lyrics were never meant to be offensive or disrespectful”. He also defended himself, calling the “outta pocket” accusations of racism from critics a “bullshit false narrative”.

“To me its just lyrics to some it’s more serious. Simple as that,” he wrote before adding in a follow-up tweet that he wasn’t aware of the sacred meaning behind the word ‘Allah’. “Words and symbols mean everything to some but for those who don’t know, [it’s] just another word. No one’s fault.”

“Love all my REAL Muslim fans and I hope it don’t make you think of me any different,” he concluded, according to Malay Mail. “To those who wanna hate, let ’em hate.”

Park reportedly deleted his initial apology after several users called him out for branding the criticisms as “haters”. He uploaded the second apology several hours later.