Jay-Z pays homage to Nas with new ‘Curated By The God Hov’ playlist

It follows the two rappers appearing on DJ Khaled's new single

Jay-Z has paid homage to Nas with a new playlist he has curated of the ‘Illmatic’ rapper’s songs on Tidal.

Earlier today (April 30), the pair teamed up on DJ Khaled’s new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, marking their first collaboration since 2008.

Jay-Z has commemorated the occasion with a playlist of his favourite Nas songs, titled ‘Curated By The God Hov’. The collection features 24 tracks including the likes of ‘NY State Of Mind’, ‘The World Is Yours’, ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ and ‘Hate Me Now’.


Listen to the playlist and see its full tracklist below.


Nas – ‘The Genesis’
Nas – ‘NY State Of Mind’
Nas – ‘Life’s A Bitch (feat. AZ & Olu Dara)’
Raekwon – ‘Verbal Intercourse (feat. Ghostface Killah & Nas)’
Nas – ‘The Message’
Nas – ‘Street Dreams’
Nas – ‘Made You Look’
Nas – ‘Hate Me Now (feat. Puff Daddy)’
Nas – ‘Halftime’
Nas – ‘If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (feat. Lauryn Hill)’
Kanye West – ‘We Major (feat. Nas & Really Doe)’
Nas – ‘The World Is Yours’
Nas – ‘The World Is Yours (Tip Mix)’
Nas – ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’
Nas – ‘I Gave You Power’
Mobb Deep – ‘Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines) (feat. Nas & Raekwon)’
Nas – ‘Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park)’
Nas – ‘One Love (feat. Q-Tip)’
Nas – ‘Car #85’
Nas – ‘Affirmative Action’
Nas – ‘Cops Shot The Kid (feat. Kanye West)’
The Firm – ‘Phone Tap’
Nas – ‘Project Windows (feat. Ron Isley)’
Nas – ‘One Mic’

Nas previously discussed the possibility of working with Jay-Z again during an interview with NME last year.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z said in a rare interview earlier this month that he hopes to be remembered like “Bob Marley and all the greats”.


Asked how he hoped he would go down in history, the rapper replied: “I’m not beyond ego, right? Hopefully they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say.”

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