Jebediah release two EPs onto streaming services for the first time

'Twitch' and 'Anniversary EP' are also now available for digital download

Jebediah have released two of their old EPs onto streaming platforms for the first time. ‘Twitch’ and ‘Anniversary EP’, which each contain five tracks, are also now available for digital download.

“Scintillating news!”, the band wrote in a social media post, “we have now for the first time been able to make a couple of our old EP’s available for streaming and digital download”.

Hardcopies of ‘Twitch’, the band’s 1996 debut EP, have been notoriously hard to come by in recent years. ‘Ferris Wheel’, perhaps the EP’s best-loved track, was the first of Jebediah’s songs to enjoy regular radio airplay. On its release, the EP usurped Celine Dion and The Fugees to claim the top spot on Western Australia’s state singles chart.


Jebediah released their ‘Anniversary EP’ in 2005, to celebrate ten years of playing music together. The EP includes acoustic versions of Jebediah staples ‘Harpoon’, ‘Feet Touch the Ground’ and ‘Yesterday When I was Brave’. ‘More Alone’, which originally featured on the band’s fourth record, and ‘Patty Powell’ round out the EP.

Jebediah disbanded shortly after the release of ‘Anniversary EP’, before reforming in 2010. They are currently active and are scheduled to perform at ‘Spring Loaded’ festival in Sydney on November 7. They will perform alongside a range of fellow ‘90s Australian acts, including Frenzal Rhomb, Custard and Grinspoon.

“We hope you enjoy fossicking about amongst these old nuggets, rarities and acoustic versions,” the band wrote of the EPs.