Jeon Somi copes with heartbreak in dramatic music video for ‘Anymore’

A cut from her debut studio album ‘XOXO’

Jeon Somi has released a brand-new music video for ‘Anyone’, a cut from her first full-length album ‘XOXO’.

In the gloomy new visual, Somi mourns a painful breakup with bottles of wine and cigarettes as she sits sullenly in her bedroom. Later, the singer finds herself again, and the room transforms into a bright space filled with fairy lights as she bids goodbye to her unhealthy coping mechanisms.

For now I’ll be stuck in this beautiful nightmare / ’Til you come back, I’ll be standing right here / Do I ever cross your mind?” she sings on the chorus of the pop rock-inspired track. The song was originally released in October as part of her debut studio album ‘XOXO’, alongside its lead single of the same title.


Shortly after the music video dropped, the star took to Instagram to share the news. “My Christmas present to you all ‘Anymore’ M/V is out now,” wrote Somi. “Please enjoy!!!”

In an interview following the release of ‘XOXO’, Somi had shared that she had spearheaded the management over the conception and production of the album. “Fuck it, I just did it,” she said, when asked about taking creative control over her debut studio album. “This is all mine. At the end [of the day], like the music that I’m putting out, the music video that I’m putting out. It’s all mine,” added the singer.

During an online press conference for the release, she also spoke about the success of her August single ‘Dumb Dumb’. “I don’t think that I thought of it as pressure,” said the idol, adding that the popularity of ‘Dumb Dumb’ had allowed her to gain confidence.

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