Jeon Soyeon on producing ‘Windy’ herself: “If it doesn’t work out, then it’s my responsibility”

"I don’t want to blame anyone else regarding my work"

(G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon has opened up about why she decided to produce her debut solo mini-album ‘Windy’ herself.

During a recent interview with Arena Homme Plus, the K-pop idol revealed that she had personally formed a team for the production of the project. She had a hand in deciding the concept, the production of the music video for title track ‘Beam Beam’, marketing strategies and more.

“I just have to do it myself to feel comfortable,” Jeon explained, as translated by Soompi. “I don’t want to blame anyone else regarding my work. I would rather do it the way I imagined, and if it doesn’t work out, then it’s my responsibility.”


She added that she trusts her “intuition” to guide her when it comes to music, while recalling how CUBE Entertainment’s CEO had encouraged her creativity. “The company CEO supported me by saying, ‘Soyeon appears to have great sense, so trust in your intuition’,” she said. “Looking back, the results were always good when I went with the way I felt.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the singer-rapper also noted that ‘Windy’ tells the story of her as a “human” instead of the image she has built as the leader of girl group (G)I-DLE. “I always say that I want to live like the wind. I want to live each and every day with excitement, and I want to go where my heart is drawn towards regardless of where that is,” she added.

Earlier this month, Soyeon made her long-awaited solo return with ‘Windy’, her first-ever mini-album. The project dropped alongside a quirky video for title track ‘BEAM BEAM’, which featured a fictional fast food joint called “Windy’s”, a parody of popular American chain Wendy’s.