Jerome Farah releases searing debut single ‘I Can’t Breathe’

The Melbourne songwriter's debut confronts racism and police brutality

Melbourne producer and songwriter Jerome Farah has shared his first solo single ‘I Can’t Breathe’ today (June 26). It’s a powerful debut from the artist, the son of a Lebanese father and Zimbabwean mother, which directly confronts racism and police brutality.

My mama placed Zimbabwe blood inside of my DNA, so the history of my pigment’s been written all on my face / So I won’t accommodate to that shit that I can’t relate, like yelling ‘all lives matter’ with privilege in your veins,” raps Farah on one of the track’s many searing verses.

The track comes with a Ryan Sauer-directed music video, which you can watch below:

Though it’s the first single Jerome Farah has released under his own name, he’s far from a newcomer. Farah co-wrote and produced much of rising alt-pop artist Kian‘s debut EP ‘Bliss’, including breakout single ‘Waiting’ – which went on to earn him two awards alongside Kian at the 2020 APRA Music Awards back in May.

Beyond that, his songwriting credits include working with the likes of Adrian Eagle and Baker Boy, having also produced the latter’s JessB collaboration ‘Meditjin’ last year.

All proceeds from ‘I Can’t Breathe’ will be going to Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service.