Jerome Farah switches it up with new single ‘Vibrate’

Farah's third single is a far spicier affair than what fans are used to

After a string of politically charged singles, Jerome Farah has today delivered a sensual and bouncing song with ‘Vibrate’.

With a delivery that feels akin to Khalid and OutKast, ‘Vibrate’ sees Farah soak in his own happiness after having moved on from an ex while they’ve stayed stagnant, with cheeky lyrics like “I hope that vibrator battery is alive“.

Despite the challenges the months-long Melbourne lockdown presented, Farah has also delivered an early-00s inspired video for ‘Vibrate’ that was shot with the help of just one other person.


Watch the video for ‘Vibrate’ below:

2020 has been a banner year for Farah, with ‘Vibrate’ marking his third solo single of the year and of his career.

He debuted with the powerful and invigorating ‘I Can’t Breathe‘, which directly and fiercely confronts racism and police brutality. It dropped shortly after #BlackLivesMatter protests sparked around the world, following the death of George Floyd.

He followed that up with ‘Mikey Might‘, which saw him confront his own internalised hurtful and racist stereotypes. Farah spoke of “the grey area” he exists in coming from both Lebanese and Zimbabwean heritage, saying he’s “too White to be Black” and “too Black to be White”.


Having also recently appeared on Tash Sultana‘s latest single ‘Willow Tree‘, Farah is set to make his solo major festival debut at the beginning of next year with Yours & Owls festival in Wollongong.