Jess Cornelius drops new single ‘Here Goes Nothing’

Her debut album 'Distance' is out this Friday

Wellington-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jess Cornelius has shared a new single, ‘Here Goes Nothing’, along with an accompanying lyric video.

Watch the video for ‘Here Goes Nothing’ below:


‘Here Goes Nothing’ is the third single lifted from Cornelius’ forthcoming debut album, ‘Distance’, which will drop this Friday (July 24) via Loantaka. The song also features whistling by LA-based Australian artist Molly Lewis.

Per a press statement, the lyric video is “the final in the ‘Distance’ pregnancy trilogy”, following previous singles ‘Body Memory’ and ‘Kitchen Floor’.

“I saw the breast pump not only as a rhythmic device and a weird visual image, but also as a meeting of human and machine; as a literal mechanical representation of ‘women’s work’; and as a reflection of how context changes (or doesn’t change) the way women’s bodies are viewed,” Cornelius said.

“This last point was made apparent in the video’s initial removal by Youtube for violating content rules – thankfully, after lodging an appeal the video was reinstated.”

According to Cornelius, ‘Here Goes Nothing’ is about the way “we unconsciously create dramatic situations as an escape from whatever in our lives isn’t working”.


“But I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. We need fantasy – you could argue that we’ve built entire lives on it,” she said.