Jess Cornelius releases new track and music video, ‘Body Memory’

The singer's second track from her forthcoming debut album

Wellington native, LA-based singer Jess Cornelius has shared a new track, ‘Body Memory’, ahead of the release of her debut album next month.

Cornelius has also released an accompanying music video, which was filmed on an iPhone at Lake Isabella in California. Watch it below:


In a statement, Cornelius said the music video was not what she originally intended it to be.

“Originally I had a much more elaborate, narrative-based concept, where I was this woman running away from a cult, (hence the tracksuit and Nikes), to be filmed in Oildale and Posey where my partner, Joe, is fixing up an old cabin,” she said.

“At the last minute, we decided to drive to Lake Isabella because of supposed good visuals there. I was grumbling all the way there about how the location wouldn’t fit with my shot list, but when we got there and I started dancing on rocks, we just threw away the shot list and made it up as we went along.”

Cornelius’ debut album, ‘Distance’ is set for release on July 24 through Part Time. ‘Body Memory’ is the second single to be lifted from the LP, following on from ‘Kitchen Floor’, released last month along with a music clip.

The forthcoming record has been described by Cornelius as a contemplation on whether she should continue her music career.


“People would ask me if I was going to have a family and a lot of the songs are about me being ok with not pursuing that path. It was about coming to terms with the choices I had made… and then two years later, I’m knocked up and married! I couldn’t have imagined that,” she said.