Jess Day bares all on new single ‘Naked’

A song for those that have found themselves "feeling used" in a relationship

Adelaide singer-songwriter Jess Day has shared her major-label debut single, ‘Naked’.

The single, released today (October 27), is Day’s first of 2021 and follows on from last year’s ‘Signals’. It was premiered last night on triple j’s Good Nights program by presenter Bridget Hustwaite prior to its official release today.

Melbourne-based electronica artist Andrei Eremin served as the song’s co-producer, alongside Day herself. ‘Naked’ is also Day’s first single release since officially signing to Wonderlick, the Australian music company that serves as a joint venture with Sony Music Australia.


An accompanying music video has also been shared for the song, which was directed by the team of Jack Bielby and Thomas Schaefer in Day’s native Adelaide. Puberty Blues actor Brenna Harding stars as the clip’s protagonist. Watch the video below:

In a press statement, Day describes ‘Naked’ as a song about “feeling used after finding out someone wanted out for a while”.

“It’s about thinking back on the intimate moments you shared, particularly sex, through the lens of shock and disbelief that you were experiencing an entirely different connection than they were at the time,” she said.

“It’s about wishing you’d known sooner, not kept them around – having access to parts of you they shouldn’t anymore.”