Jess Locke announces new album ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’, shares second single

Her third full-length is due out in March next year

Melbourne-based artist Jess Locke has announced a new album titled ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’.

Locke also shared a second taste from the album, ‘Destroy Everything’, along with an accompanying music video. It follows first single ‘Fool’, which was released earlier in July.

Watch it below:


‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’ is slated for release on March 26 next year via Dot Dash.

On the new single, Locke said the song views “destruction as both a positive and negative force”.

“Destruction of the old can be necessary in order to make way for new and better things,” Locke explained in a statement.

“It can be strategic, revolutionary, inspired by a vision of what is to come next. But destruction can also be reactionary and misdirected, born out of chaos and fear and not really conducive to real change. The song is a kind of meditation on whether destruction is useful or futile or part of a natural and unavoidable cycle.”

Locke recorded ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’ with bandmates James Morris and Chris Rawsthorne, along with producer Rob Muinos. They recorded the album in a small studio located in the back of a guitar shop in Collingwood.


“Rob was very invested in the process and he challenged a lot of my ideas, leading to something better than I could have imagined by myself,” Locke added.

“Mostly this was in terms of instrumentation, whether to double vocals or not, but we also worked a lot on the structure of some songs, pulling them to bits and putting them back together again and changing the key sometimes.”

‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’ will mark Locke’s third full-length to date, following her 2017 LP ‘Universe’ and 2016 debut, ‘Words That Seem To Slip Away’.

‘Universe’ debuted at number 18 on the AIR Independent Label Album Chart and was nominated for the Australian Music Prize that year.

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