Jess Ribeiro shares intimate new single ‘Ghosts’

Written and recorded at Neil Finn's house

Jess Ribeiro has shared a new single, entitled ‘Ghosts’, taken from the forthcoming Remote Control Records Compilation ‘Bloom and Simmer’.

Listen to it below:


Ribeiro wrote and recorded the new song at Neil Finn’s house, during the 2019 APRANZ co-writing sessions.

“Neil’s wife has a lampshade shop next door so all the rooms at his studio (Roundhead) are full of weird and beautiful light fittings,” she said in a press statement.

“I liked tinkering around the building playing their instruments and looking at all the cool trinkets they owned like life sized porcelain leopards and whacky outsider style paintings. It was inspiring, everyone was friendly.”

‘Ghosts’ is an intensely personal song for Ribeiro, written about a friend who had passed away a few years ago.

“A lifelong creative comrade and rascal, we met when we were 5. I thought we’d be together until we both grew really old,” she said.


It’s her first original single of 2020, following the release of her third album ‘LOVEHATE’ last year. Earlier this year, she released two remixes of ‘Cry Baby’.

Remote Control Records’ full ‘Bloom and Simmer’ compilation is due out on June 26, featuring contributions from Methyl EthelCarla Geneve, Wolf and Cub and more. Tracks from HANDSOME, Essie Holt, friendships and Sunbeam Sound Machine are out now.