Jesse Madigan releases debut album ‘Nothing Better Than a Journey to You’

Featuring the singles 'Spring' and 'Under a Summer Night's Sky'

Newcastle folk singer-songwriter Jesse Madigan has released his debut album ‘Nothing Better Than a Journey To You’ on Spunk Records today (April 17).

It features the previously released singles, ‘Spring’ and ‘Under a Summer Night’s Sky’. Listen to it below:


This is the second version of the album Madigan has released and recorded. The first was recorded in 2018-19 in Madigan’s home studio, before he self-released it. The record was heard by Spunk Records, who signed him and encouraged him to re-record it.

“When I first released the album, I felt like it was at 75 per cent of its true potential. I didn’t have the resources to record some of the songs to their full potential, and so when Spunk came on board and Greg [Walker] offered to help record, I jumped at the opportunity!” Madigan told NME Australia today.

Madigan enlisted Greg Walker, better known by his musical moniker Machine Translations, on production duties.

“[It] was so inspiring to see the way Greg works. I learnt so much from him and his recording process. And he’s such a lovely and humble guy. It was a true honour to spend time with him and record in his studio,” Madigan said.

“I have actually only recently started listening to his work under Machine Translations, and I’ve had the albums on repeat, sending to a lot of my friends and saying ‘Yo, Check this album out’.”

Madigan cited Szymon’s ‘Tigersapp’ and Bon Iver’s early material as influences on ‘Nothing Better Than a Journey To You’.


The Newcastle singer-songwriter said he was forced to cancel his first ever solo promotional tour just days after booking it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Maybe because people are at home more they will have a lot of time to listen to the record all the way through, give it more attention, you know?” Madigan said.

“There will definitely be a tour eventually, and hopefully it will be better because people will have spent more time with the record.”

‘Nothing Better Than a Journey To You’ is out now on Spunk.