Jessi reveals she “barely” has days off from work

"I’m the type that isn’t good at resting"

Jessi has opened up about her hectic work schedule and public image as the “strong older sister”.

The Korean-American singer recently spoke to 1st Look Korea about her work-life balance, saying that she recently finds herself working more than she rests. “I barely have any days off. I’m the type that isn’t good at resting,” she explained, as translated by Soompi.

“When I rest, I begin to have too many thoughts. I’m a workaholic who enjoys doing a lot of work,” she added, although she noted that she didn’t see this as a problem that needed to be fixed. “Working while others are sleeping makes me feel proud.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Jessi also spoke about her public image as the “strong older sister”, a persona she has built for herself through singles such as ‘Nunu Nana’, ‘ The Type Of X’ and more recently ‘Cold Blooded’.

“The ‘strong older sister’ that I think of says what she wants to say while maintaining boundaries and reading the room,” she said, “and is someone who can get back up after making a mistake or falling over.”

The singer then added that she although she sometimes “get[s] screwed and make[s] mistakes” in life. “However, you have to learn something from that and get back up to really be a strong person,” she said.

During a previous interview with Rolling Stone Korea, the Korean-American rapper revealed that she “was not convinced at first” to sign with P Nation. “I think that was the time where I was so overworked but I wasn’t really sure of… what I wanted to do yet,” she added.

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