Jessi says she’s “not retiring” despite having left P Nation

"The truth shall reveal itself," she added

K-pop idol Jessi has spoken up about her sudden depature from South Korean music label P Nation, which is headed by Psy.

Yesterday (July 6), the music label announced that the popular Korean-American singer-rapper would be leaving the company, explaining in a statement to South Korean media that its exclusive contract with Jessi had expired. She was notably the first artist to sign with the label in early 2019.

Today (July 7), Jessi took to her Instagram to speak out about the news, while also addressing retirement rumours. “I understand people can make assumptions right now based on my current situation… but the truth shall reveal itself in a matter of time,” she wrote.


“Respectfully… please give me some time to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit.. (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring,” Jessi added. “I’m only getting started.”

The singer concluded her post by thanking her fanbase for their “unconditional love and support”. Notably, Jessi also showed appreciation to her former label P Nation, saying she’d love them “for life”, suggesting that her departure from the company was amicable.


Jessi had previously opened up about joining P Nation and how she did not say yes to PSY’s offer right away. “I was not convinced at first, let’s get that straight. It took a while for him to really get me,” she explained at the time.

In her three years with P Nation, Jessi released a number of hit and viral singles, including the 2020 single ‘Nunu Nana’ in 2020, ‘What Type Of X’ in 2021 and the TikTok hit ‘Zoom’ this April.