Jet’s Nic Cester to release children’s book and accompanying album, ‘Skipping Girl’

Revealing an all-new side to the frontman's creativity

Jet frontman and The Jaded Hearts Club member Nic Cester is set to release a children’s book, entitled Skipping Girl, and a new album to accompany it.

The new project was announced today (November 3) and was inspired by, according to a press release, the Skipping Girl sign that sits above Victoria Street in Melbourne.

Cester recalled: “I was looking at it during a pivotal moment in my life. For the first time I saw it as a metaphor. On the surface it’s very beautiful and colourful and lights up the skyline, but there’s also a deep sadness to it.


“For me, it’s always been very melancholic because it’s a child who is trapped in this eternal loop that’s not going anywhere. And for me that was a really powerful metaphor for someone who is trapped in a repetitive loop of any kind: it could be alcoholism, an unhappy relationship, or a job that you’re dissatisfied with.”

Cester was apparently intending on collaborating with an author for the book, before his own drafts caught the attention of a publisher. Artist Richolly Rosazza was then brought on board for the book’s intricate illustrations.

Announced today (November 3), both the book and album are to be released initially in a digital format on November 5, with physical formats to follow on November 12.

'Skipping Girl' by Nic Cester
A ‘Skipping Girl’ illustration by Richolly Rosazza CREDIT: Press

The companion album, according to Cester, works in two ways – the first is to present ideas of the places Skipping Girl’s future adventures might take her, the second, an exploration of the more adult emotions conveyed in the book. The album tracklist can be found below.

“The songs are a mix of vignettes of stories from my own life, with stories from my own childhood, and ideas I’d like to impart upon my daughter,” Cester said. “Hopefully when she grows up, she can listen to the songs and explore those ideas a little deeper.”


Nic Cester’s ‘Skipping Girl’ album tracklist is:

1. ‘Goodnight Beautiful (intro)’
2. ‘Forever’
3. ‘Emily’
4. ‘Cry Baby’
5. ‘Don’t Lean On Me’
6. ‘Ordinary Love’
7. ‘The Way That We Are’
8. ‘All In Your Head’
9. ‘Goodnight Beautiful (outro)’

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