Jim Moginie shares renditions of Midnight Oil songs to fundraise for Support Act

Moginie will share a song every 24 hours until he runs out

Midnight Oil keyboardist-guitarist Jim Moginie has been sharing renditions of some of the band’s songs every day to raise funds for music crisis charity Support Act.

Moginie’s new series, apparently titled ‘Tip Jar Tunes’, began in earnest earlier this week on his Facebook page. He said he will post a new song every 24 hours at 7am AEST, “until [he] run[s] out”. Moginie says he will not be taking requests.

“I’m not Billy Joel, OK…think of it like this: it’s like a telethon without Don Lane, Daryl Somers or Kamahl,” he wrote.


Thus far, he’s shared renditions of Midnight Oil’s ‘Great Gibber Wonderland’ and ‘Shakers and Movers’, as well as ‘Tryptych’ from Moginie’s solo EP last year, featuring Sarah Blasko. Watch the ‘Great Gibber Wonderland’ below:

Of ‘Great Gibber Wonderland’, Moginie said the band originally recorded three versions of the song from their 1988 album ‘Redneck Wonderland’.

“Ambient, rocky and the one you hear on the CD. It’s about the republic, or the idea of it. Getting free from the Windsors, Menzies and the whole damn show. Standing on our own 2, or 40 million, feet,” he wrote.

So far, Moginie has raised over $1000 for Support Act with ‘Tip Jar Tunes’. Last month, Moginie raised $1700 for the charity with the ‘Gig That Never Happened’ poster auction, following the cancellation of his tour with Family Dog.


Moginie joins a ballooning number of fundraisers for Support Act during the coronavirus pandemic. The Australian government’s $27million relief package for the arts announced this month includes $10 million for Support Act.