Jimblah shares new single and music video ‘About These Demons’

"A timely reminder to continue the fight against white supremacy in this country"

First Nations artist Jimblah has shared a new single titled ‘About These Demons’. The track premiered with an accompanying music video, which was filmed, edited and directed by Jimblah.

Watch the music video for ‘About These Demons’ below:


Per a statement, Jimblah described the song as a “timely reminder to continue the fight against white supremacy in this country”.

“What more can I possibly say, I’m exhausted,” said Jimblah in a statement.

“Running since I was 12, since I started noticing that the world was a very different place for me compared to the other kids. Running with a target on my back. What these songlines represent is, we as First Peoples don’t want to see this happening, the difference is we aren’t able to just turn our backs on it.

“We don’t have that option. So we have to be active about confronting these demons, we have to activate in a way that is working towards this healing of Country.”

Jimblah continued, urging the people of Australia to rally as one in order to drive real change.

“So many people claim they love this Country, but the truth is – they love to exploit this Country,” he said.


“If they really loved this Country, they would love us, and we would be side by side battling these demons together. We need every single person who stands on this sacred Country to be activated, not just on socials, but at the dinner table, at the march, at the workplace, on the stage, in the board rooms, at parliament – that’s what true reconciliation will look like – when we are actually working together on this healing and it’s not just on the First Peoples to rid this Country of its on-going genocide and our beautiful way of being”.

Jimblah’s last full-length album was 2013’s ‘Phoenix’. Since then, the artist has released a string of politically-charged singles including ‘No Clapstick’, ‘Black Paint’ and ‘Black Life Matters’, featuring singer-songwriter Ellie May.