Jinyoung says GOT7 “didn’t get along” in their first seven years together

“The chemistry wasn’t quite there”

GOT7 member Jinyoung has opened up about the truth of the group’s relationship with each other in the first seven years they were together.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stonethe seven-piece reflected on the progression of their chemistry as a group, both as music group and as friends. During the interview, Jinyoung revealed that the septet did not get along for a long time after their made their debut in 2014.

“In the beginning, when we first debuted, we didn’t get along, and the chemistry wasn’t quite there,” the singer-actor told the publication. “Then for seven years we argued a lot, and if we had ignored our problems we wouldn’t be where we are right now.”


Yet, Jinyoung hints that all the disagreements the members had actually helped them understand one another and grow closer. “Because we kept fighting it out, it was the kind of situation where at a certain point, everything just mixes all together well… like bibimbap,” he explained.

After the seven members of GOT7 had parted ways with longtime label JYP Entertainment early last year, the boyband shared that their time apart spent on embarking on various solo endeavours has benefitted how they work together as a group now.

“When performing as a soloist, you have to be able to fill up the whole song by yourself and dance by yourself,” explained Yugyeom. “So our whole ability singing and dancing has probably gotten better.”

The septet returned last month with their brand-new self-titled EP, which featured the title track ‘NANANA’. The project marks GOT7’s first official comeback since departing from JYP Entertainment, after which the seven members have since gone on to sign with seven different agencies.

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