JK-47 releases debut album ‘Made For This’

Featuring the singles 'I Am Here (Trust Me)' and 'The Recipe'

Winner of the 2020 triple j Unearthed National Indigenous Music Awards competition, JK-47, has released his debut album ‘Made For This’.

The record features singles ‘I Am Here (Trust Me)’ featuring Phoebe Jacobs and ‘The Recipe’ – listen to it below.


In a Facebook post upon its release yesterday (September 4), the 22-year old Indigenous rapper from Tweed Heads South thanked his collaborators and team for their work on the album.

“I make music like I’m made for this, but I made this right here for you,” JK-47 wrote.

‘Made For This’ was recorded at NO1 Studios, a favourite spot of rap group Triple One. Several producers, including Nerve, Jay Orient, Hazy, and Salad Studios, worked on the project, though it was mixed and mastered by Nerve.

Nerve was responsible for JK-47’s breakout triple j Unearthed single ‘Sunday Roast’.

“In hip-hop today, what’s popping? Get the money, the nice car, the shoes. I battle with that because I started off wanting that, but I don’t want it anymore,” the rapper told the radio station in a July interview.


“People use their music for things that are bigger than themselves; it can be something more. I want to speak about the stuff that needs a voice, and that needs talking about.

“Helping people understand why Indigenous people, and not just Indigenous people, but people that live like me that go through stuff, because everyone goes through stuff.”