Joelistics announces new audio-visual project, shares single ‘Yokai’

Joelistics started his own label, Odd Head Music, last week

Legendary Elefant Traks producer and MC Joelistics has announced a new audio-visual project, ‘Joelistics Presents Film School’.

The album-film is set to feature a swathe of dancers, and animation, and was originally borne out of a homecoming trip to Malaysia in 2016, per Pilerats.

Joelistics has shared the first single, ‘Yokai’, with its accompanying music video directed by Rhys Graham.


“With the track, I wanted to weave an eerie feeling built from loops, reminiscent of empty streets, a distant sense of dread and the hypnotic patterns of lockdown life,” he said in a press statement.

“With the clip I wanted the dancers to personify our collective fear of sickness and loneliness and how those fears dance at the edge of every moment we hold dear.”

Watch the clip below:

The word “yokai” in Japanese refers to a class of supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore that can foretell catastrophe. In a series of Facebook posts leading up to the release of ‘Yokai’, Joelistics highlighted the work of each dance collaborator set to be featured in the clip.

The new track and forthcoming project are released on Odd Head Music, a new label started by the producer last week.


“For twenty odd years I have tried to navigate the vortices of ‘making a career’ and ‘making art’ and retain my integrity and push in to new places and be able to pay the rent so now I’m going to formalise the relationship,” he wrote on Facebook.

“The overarching philosophy is to collaborate, to put out challenging sounds, to try and bypass the constrictive structures of a dinosaur industry suffocating under the mass of market capitalism and screen time convenience.”
‘Joelistics Presents Film School’ will be released sometime in December. The last full-length album under the Joelistics moniker was 2014’s ‘Blue Volume’.