John Farnham’s family provide health update, share website for get-well messages

The ARIA Hall Of Famer is currently recovering from an 11-hour surgery to remove a tumor

The family of John Farnham have confirmed that the singer’s condition remains stable, with fans now able to send get-well messages through a newly established website.

In a statement shared today (August 29), Farnham’s immediate family expressed their gratitude for the “ongoing messages and well wishes” they had received since Farnham’s diagnosis was publicly announced last Tuesday (August 23). “It really lifts our spirits knowing that everyone is thinking of John,” they wrote.

Farnham’s wife, Jill, also shared that he “remains in a stable condition in ICU” following the 11-hour surgery that removed a cancerous tumour from his mouth. She noted that Farnham “is awake and responding well to the care he’s receiving”.


As Farnham recovers, a new website has been set up for fans to share personal messages of support for legendary artist. Named We Love You, John, the site – which was made with the blessing of his family – is described as “an authorised page for messages of love to John Farnham as he battles mouth cancer”.

TV Tonight reports that the website was launched as a collaboration between Channel Seven reporter Peter Ford, Channel Nine entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, Channel 10 entertainment reporter Angela Bishop and the ABC News Breakfast team. “These messages will be saved and shared with John and the family so that they may read them when the time is right,” said Ford in a statement.

“I thought it would be terrific to create a destination for those messages rather than just have them float around in the ether unseen. Getting it up and going was the easy bit, and now it’s a case of letting people know it exists – and, as a combined force, we’re hopeful we can do that.”