John Floreani speaks to the power of pets on heartrending new single ‘Good Boy’

It’s the Trophy Eyes frontman’s first solo release in three years

John Floreani. Credit: David A. Smith/Getty Images
John Floreani. Credit: David A. Smith/Getty Images

Trophy Eyes frontman John Floreani has shared his first solo release in three years: an emotional acoustic ballad titled ‘Good Boy’.

In announcing the song on Twitter, Floreani explained that ‘Good Boy’ is “about putting down a dog I loved”. It’s suitably poignant, with lyrics written from the angle of Floreani speaking directly to the dog. Over a bed of warm, pensively strummed guitars and reverberant keys, he sings: “I hope you know she was there with you / And she never looked away / And the last four words that you heard from her / Were, ‘It’s gonna be OK.’”

Have a listen to ‘Good Boy’ below:

Floreani’s last solo outing was his full-length debut, ‘Sin’, which landed in June 2019 via Hopeless. He’s teased a follow-up regularly since, but shortly before releasing ‘Good Boy’, placed a shadow of doubt over whether it will ever materialise.

In a tweet, he wrote: “I don’t know how much longer I can do music, I can feel my threshold getting closer every day. It’s nice to know I made a few people happier than they might have been without me – that’s more than I could have asked for.”

Meanwhile, Floreani is gearing up to release his fourth studio album with Trophy Eyes. The hardcore-come-pop-rock outfit made their return to the spotlight last October, sharing the standalone single ‘27 Club’. It was followed by two more individual tracks – ‘Bittersweet’ in December and ‘Nobody Said’ in February – with the follow-up to 2018’s ‘The American Dream’ slated to land sometime in 2022.

Floreani teased the new album’s direction last month, sharing a snippet of a demo for an angsty song about Sydney. In it, he screams: “I fell in love with this city in the winter / When everybody leaves in search of warmer weather / I left my love just so we could be together / And I’d visit the monuments in an effort to console her.”