John Prine’s wife slams Donald Trump as “idiot” after country legend died from coronavirus “on his watch”

Prine passed away in Nashville earlier this year.

The widow of country legend John Prine has slammed Donald Trump as a “fucking idiot”, after the American musician died of coronavirus earlier this year.

Prine passed away in Nashville in April this year, with his passing prompting an outpouring of tributes from the likes of Elvis Costello and Roger Waters.

His widow, Fiona Whelan Prine, reacted angrily after Trump boasted about his handling of the crisis during Tuesday night’s first presidential debate with Joe Biden.


“Can someone get that f****** idiot off the stage. My husband died on his watch,” Ms Prine wrote on Twitter.

Hitting back at one fan who said her comments were “tainting” her husband’s legacy, she said: “You have not truly listened to his body of work if you think that John had anything but distain for the modern Republican Party and all they represent.Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their self-serving hypocrisy.”

Despite more than 200,000 Americans dying of coronavirus, Trump was quick to downplay his handling of the pandemic and said there was no “negative effects” of indoor rallies that appeared to flout social distancing guidelines.

But his statement is provably incorrect – with Secret Service members falling ill after helping to assemble a notorious rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


The stop on the campaign trial was attended by former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who later died from complications related to the coronavirus. However, it is unclear exactly where Cain contracted the virus.

Tuesday night’s rally also provoked a wide array of reactions from the likes of Cardi and Chance The Rapper – with the latter describing Trump as a “white supremacist” and urging Americans to vote him out.