Johnny Hunter balance light and dark on evocative new single ‘Life’

“To find life is to find happiness, it is the ultimate end and purpose of our existence,” frontman Nick Hutt said

Sydney indie-rock outfit Johnny Hunter have shared a striking new single titled ‘Life’, described as “a moment of catharsis” for the quartet and “an avenue to find a renewed passion for life when we’re at our lowest”.

Making full use of the band’s enigmatic dynamism, the new track canters on with a polychromatic rhythm driven by bold and smoky bass guitars, shimmering keys, and vocals evocative of ‘80s new wave staples like Talking Heads.

Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Life’ below:


Alongside the track’s release this morning (September 16), Johnny Hunter frontman Nick Hutt shared a statement expounding on its themes. “To find life is to find happiness, it is the ultimate end and purpose of our existence,” he said.

“Life is not found in the darkness of the night, nor is it found in selfish ideals. It lies in the balance of the new day and how we approach our imperfections to bring balance to ourselves. The answer to The Floor, an ultimatum proposed to the self, to change or die, to sink or swim.

“The sun is shining, it’s time for change, appreciate what you have, know who you are and lose yourself in Life. Inspired by the moral dilemma I faced pulling beers for alcoholics to sustain a week to week pay cheque that was almost always whimsically spent on alcohol for myself. These people were dying right in front of my eyes (some did die) and I was joining them.”

‘Life’ comes as Johnny Hunter’s second release for 2021, following the standalone single ‘The Floor’ back in July. The latter came as their debut offering on indie label Cooking Vinyl, and a follow-up to their 2020 EP ‘Early Trauma’.