Johnny Hunter take to a dreary London pub in new film clip for ‘Life’

The band say it “dives deep into the heart of what 'Life' is all about: a bleak world drenched in a hopeless atmosphere”

Sydney indie-rock outfit Johnny Hunter have shared a fittingly melancholic film clip for their recent single ‘Life’, linking up with a team of UK-based filmmakers to properly encapsulate the concept frontman Nick Hutt had in mind.

As the band explained in a press release, the narrative behind ‘Life’ explores Hutt’s formative years spent working in a pub, seeing firsthand the crushing effects that alcoholism had on his regulars. Such is embodied in the clip by gruff, weathered-looking patrons staring aimlessly into space as they sink pint after pint in a gloomy, lifeless hall.

Take a look at the film clip for ‘Life’, directed by Simon Allen and SillaTape, below:


On their decision to have Allen and SillaTape spearhead the film clip in London, the band noted that shooting in Sydney wouldn’t be viable due to the city’s extended lockdown.

“We discussed where and how we still might be able to breathe some life into this concept,” they said, “all the while thinking of where the perfect setting might be – even if that meant it being across international waters. Very soon after, the suggestion of London was made, and that was that.

“We couldn’t think of a better location stylistically and atmospherically. The treatment and narrative idea we developed for the clip was nearly identical to the one [SillaTape] and Simon put forward after we first approached them.

“What has resulted is a film clip that dives deep into the heart of what ‘Life’ is all about: a bleak world drenched in a hopeless atmosphere.”

Allen and SillaTape echoed the band’s comments, saying: “There’s a real understanding between us and the band about how to bring their vision to life. We’ve blended frustration and freedom throughout the music video – pairing the despondency of a sorrowful boozer with the possibilities of the world and, by extension, life itself.”


‘Life’ was initially released as a single last month. It landed as Johnny Hunter’s second release for 2021, following the standalone single ‘The Floor’ back in July. The latter came as their debut offering on indie label Cooking Vinyl, and a follow-up to their 2020 EP ‘Early Trauma’.

Upon its release, Johnny Hunter described ‘Life’ as “a moment of catharsis” for the quartet, and “an avenue to find a renewed passion for life when we’re at our lowest”.

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