Josh Homme goes rollerskating in surreal Desert Sessions video for ‘Easier Said Than Done’

The collective also announces a charity auction featuring Desert Sessions-inspired artwork

A bizarre video for ‘Easier Said Than Done’, the latest cut from Desert Sessions’ ‘Vol. 11/ 12’, has been released.

The Chapman Baehler-directed clip is an unnerving watch, with Desert Sessions frontman Josh Homme leading a gang of bewildering acts – from urinating on fascists to rollerskating and setting people on fire.

The Queen of the Stone Age musician’s latest work from his collaborative music collective arrives with the group’s Bizarre Bazaar fundraiser.


Every two weeks, various Desert Sessions-inspired artwork will go on auction to raise funds for The Sweet Stuff Foundation, a charity that helps career musicians, recording engineers and their families who are struggling with illness and disability.

The line-up for Josh Homme’s ‘Desert Sessions’ volumes 11 and 12

Textile artist Ben Venom has created a 3′ X 3′ quilt expressing the sounds of Desert Sessions in fabric and thread for the inaugral auction. He said: “I describe my art as a collision between fine art, craft, and the fringes of society.

“Working with textiles, I contrast the often menacing and aggressive counterculture components of gangs, punk/metal music, and the occult with the comforts of domesticity. For the Crawling Death quilt, the fragility of the materials and their assaulting imagery are brought together in the form of a functional piece of art. This piece was made in collaboration with the Desert Sessions and it has been an honour to participate in the project.”


The auctions will continue with new Desert Sessions artwork and video content dropping every 2 weeks.

‘Easier Said Than Done’ follows last November’s equally mad video for ‘Crucifire’.

In an interview with NME last year Homme discussed the revival of his project after 16 years, saying. “I’m like a tour guide heading deep into the heart of bizarre”.